Dandelions of the Soul

If you're a gardener, you're a lucky individual. Having our hands in the soil brings us closer to faith. That's why farmers are so open to learning emuna. They know that the weather, the rains, and many other variables are simply out of their control.

Here's some solid planting advice: as you put your seeds or seedlings into the ground, turn to G--d and say a short prayer: "Hashem, help these flowers/vegetables/trees/plants grow strong and healthy, and protect them from all harm." That's it! Now wait and see what a successful gardener you become.

One thing you won't want to see in your garden is weeds, especially dandelions. They grow like crazy and choke your desired plants and rob your garden of its beauty.

Just as there are weeds in the soil, there are weeds in the soul. The dandelions of the soul do much worse damage there than they do in the soil. In today's lesson, with Hashem's help, we'll uproot them.

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Kim, Trump, Singapore and Moshiach

A standing ovation for Hashem - what a miracle!

The Capella Hotel in the Sentosa resort area of Singapore? What an unbelievable place for today's historic meeting between North Korea's Chairman Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump. As my esteemed friend Rabbi Mordechai Abergel, the Head Rabbi of Singapore can attest, this was the exact place where Emuna Outreach held an emuna gathering for over 120 Noahides some six years ago in Singapore. Could it be that the emuna of the wonderful people there laid the foundation for a future miracle? Could be...

Only 18 days ago, President Trump himself cancelled the planned summit with North Korea. Now, contrary to what every single media outlet and commentator believed or predicted, it happened. Not only did it happen, but Kim and Trump came out with sincere respect for one another. Look at the photo above and the way they're looking at each other - facial gestures and body language don't lie.

Does anyone still doubt the prophecy, that, "The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid-goat," (Isaiah 11:6)? Hashem is showing that it can happen, for whatever He decides will be, as King Solomon attests, "The king's heart is in the hand of Hashem; He tilts it to whatever side He desires" (Proverbs 21:1). Hashem decided that Kim and Trump should meet and hit it off so well.

This could lead directly to the peaceful coming of Moshiach, as Isaiah says in the continuation of the above-cited prophecy. That is, if the Jewish People wake up in teshuva and in emuna.

But, if the Jewish People, especially in Israel, continue in the nauseating path of government-sanctioned gay parades and anti-Jewish sentiment, particularly in the IDF where the very best officers don't get promoted if they're Torah-observant, then the Kim-Trump summit could be bad news for Israel. If Hashem so desires, Trump and the rest of the world himself could apply massive pressure to Israel, forcing it to too to denuclearize, saying, "If North Korea did, then so can you!"

Even if Kim and North Korea are sincere, and the starvation in North Korea has forced its leader to alter his path, Iran is happy to step in and fill the nuclear void.

So for us, fellow Jews, we're not out of the woods yet. Our future depends on the degree we strengthen ourselves in emuna, spread emuna and return to Hashem.

The Answer to Israel's Security

Kite Kids
Talk to any General in the IDF or to any senior security analyst outside of Israel and they'll both tell you that the next war in Israel - a biggie - is not a matter of if, but when. On the level of logic, military strategy and the current geopolitical map here in the Middle East, they are absolutely correct.

The IDF is preparing for war - it's no joke. They're taking into consideration that Iran will coordinate both Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south and that the conflict will be a nasty, multi-front challenge with an acute threat to our civilian population, Heaven forbid. And, as we've seen in real-time conflict, our best and most sophisticated anti-missile systems are not fool-proof, to say the least.

As you can see in the image above, Israel's most sophisticated weapons systems don't give all the answers. The Sitra Achra, the "other side" is always coming up with sinister new and unexpected surprises. As we wrote last week, and as the fires in he south are still raging as of this writing, the incendiary kites are doing tons of damage that will require decades to repair.

So what's the answer to Israel's security? What's the message that Hashem is conveying to us, when our brains and military might fail to protect us and our beloved homeland?

Hashem wants us to turn to Him, for only He can protect us, our beloved homeland and our people wherever they are. You don't have to go up north to the Lebanon border to see Hezbollah - you can see them in the streets of London.

My beloved and esteemed teacher Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit'a says that we can both stop the next war in Israel and protect our families overseas by invoking the type of Divine compassion that mitigates stern judgments. How does one do that? We spread emuna. That's why our whole lives are dedicated to that very purpose, because the future of the Jewish People depends on it.

Spreading emuna is the only effective defense we have, both individually and nationally.

Spreading emuna is the only effective prison-rehab program there is. The emuna graduates of our courses in the Israeli prisons have the lowest percentage or returning to prison once they're out. A thousand policemen can't stop a crime, but one copy of the "Garden of Emuna" or "Trail to Tranquility" can.

Emuna is the best soldier-motivator on earth. One company commander on the Gaza border told me recently, "Rabbi, I'm not religious. And, I don't particularly like rabbis. I don't know what you've been doing with my men, but they are certainly more motivated and better disciplined; the company disciplinary problems have dropped to less than half of what they were. As long as I'm in command of this outpost, you and Emuna Outreach are always welcome." Instead of playing poker and watching unsightly movies on their duty breaks, the soldiers at that outpost are reading emuna books, praying and saying tehillim, as you can see in the image below, taken during one of our recent visits there.

Rabbi Arush, his students and I can't do this prodigious job on our own. We need your help. We need to reach every US soldier in Afghanistan, every prison inmate in the USA as well as Israel and every one of our brothers, in Israel and abroad. If you can't spread emuna books, pamphlets and CDs on your own, partner with us and help us do it. In doing so, you'll provide a spiritual protective umbrella for yourself, your family, and our people wherever they are, both in Israel and abroad. Even if you're not Jewish, by helping us spread emuna to communities around the world, you're hastening Tikkun Olam, the correction of the world. Donate to Emuna Outreach - wait and see the blessing it invokes for you.

IDF Gaza

Does He/She Really Love Me?

Flower and Bfly
According to the questions I get in the month of June, this is international matchmaking month. In the Jewish World, it's like rush season for the shadchanim, the matchmakers. People are trying to find a mate before everyone disappears in different directions for the summer. What's more, if they don't get engaged really soon, they'll have to delay the wedding until after the High Holidays, a minimum of four months from now. Not everyone is willing to wait that long...

Recently, many young people as well as those in their second go-around, have been telling me about prospective matches that they've been dating, yet they don't yet have "clarity," the famous term for not knowing if this is their bashert (intended) or not. The other side is pressing to tie the knot, even declaring that they love you. How do you know if this is true or not? Maybe it's just Hollywood-style infatuation, which is not love but mere lust? How do you get clarity?

Clarity is only five minutes away. Read my feature article in this week's fresh issue of Breslev Israel web magazine, 5-Minute Test of True Love. Don't forget to invite me to the wedding...

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Holland Tunnel, Hamas Style

Underwater Tunnel
Hashem's unfathomable loving-kindness doesn't stop for a split second.

Earlier today, we received word from the IDF spokesman that the IDF has neutralized, for the first time, a naval terror tunnel belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization. The tunnel would have enabled Hamas terrorist frogmen to leave land and head out to sea undetected, resulting in total-surprise assaults on Israel's southern shores.

Defense sources presume that there are likely to be additional underwater assault tunnels.

This is only a temporary victory for the IDF. No sooner does one Hamas scheme get foiled and the terrorists come up with new ploys. As we wrote last week in the Kite-Kid Commandos, we cannot depend on our super-sophisticated military, because if Hashem so desires, our $multi-billion defense systems don't have an adequate answer to the terrorist incendiary kites that 14-year-olds construct for less that a dollar.

As far as national defense goes, only teshuva and emuna will help. As King David says in Psalm 127:1, "If Hashem won't guard a city, the watchman guards in vain." Thank You, Hashem, for giving us much more than we deserve.

#FreeTommy: The Writing on the Wall in the Queen's English

Above image - British free-speech activist Tommy Robinson on an IDF Merkava IV tank in the Golan Heights during a 2016 visit to Israel - Photo: Brian of London

Everybody - the British media, the British government, even Wikipedia - are trying to convince the world that free-speech advocate Tommy Robinson is a far-right fascist. A Jew today in the UK would no sooner come out in public support for Tommy than he would demonstrate in Piccadilly Circus for unlimited Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria. The vast majority of our UK brethren would rather lower their heads in utter denial than admit that the ground is burning under the feet of British Jews.

Tommy Robinson is a true British patriot and a free-Speech advocate, who contrary to what the leftist Jews and media want to tell you, is starkly pro-Israel. Tommy Robinson has been fighting -single-handed - a battle against the rampant gangs of Islamic immigrants in the UK that go around pillaging and raping. For fear of political correctness, neither the police nor the government challenge these thugs. So what's the outcome?

Tommy Robinson is currently serving a prison sentence of 13 months in Hull Prison for, accused for committing contempt of court while reporting on a child rape gang case via Facebook Live outside Leeds Crown Court. Jolly good British justice, eh mate? The magistrate was a kangaroo...

Tommy Robinson was sent to prison in a whirlwind move by British authorities for one reason and one reason only, to silence him. The bloke rocked the British boat.  

Do you know what that means, Golder's Green and Stamford Hill? Do you think for a moment that your Royal British Police and Government will protect you? When the Muslim gangs start molesting Jews, like they've been doing all over England in recent years, no one will lift a finger. The media certainly won't. When a gang of 18 lowlifes were caught after molesting over 700 victims, The Independent didn't mention a single word that they were all Muslims.

Tommy Robinson has been calling the monster by its real name. That's why he's in a British prison. But yesterday, thousands of Brits came out in favor of Tommy, angrily demonstrating in Trafalgar Square. Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders attended, to praise Tommy Robinson's courage and call for his release.

We too at the Beams call the British Government to #FreeTommy.

We have a second call, too, to our brothers and sisters in the UK. Hashem's writing on your wall is now in the Queen's English. Make plans for Aliya, now, while you still can, and start praying for it. Don't stay behind in the Egypt of the UK.